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Thank you

one-lovely-blogI want to say thank you to Jools, for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog award. Her blog documents her struggles and successes in writing, which is quite comforting when you think you are the only one to feel this way.
The One Lovely Blog Award requires that I give seven facts about myself and nominate another five recipients.

Hmm. Seven?
1. I started writing when I was 18, as a junior reporter on a local paper.
2. I like collecting silly newspaper headlines, such as Monty flies back to front, or Burglars in below empty flat.
3. I can’t resist buying scrapbooking paper. Some day I will sort out all the rubbish (sorry, memorabilia) that is silting up my house and stick it attractively into books. Really, I will.
4. I live in house that, about 100 years ago, was briefly a school. I have the original advert for this, which asks boarders to come equipped with six towels and a teaspoon.
5. I have touched a piece of moon rock.
6. I like going to France (although I’m not sure I’d want to live there)
7. My family is the absolutely best thing ever.

My five ‘pay it forward’ One Lovely Blog nominations are:
1. Dysfunctional Literacy, I can’t wait to read his next instalment of The Literary Girlfriend;
2. Iron Daisy, I loved her parody of a mother’s letter to teenage girls;
3. Journey into Poetry, I like Christine’s frankness, and I really enjoyed her poem, A wheelchair called Wil;
4. 1yellowfish, her descriptions are excellent;
5. Michaelalexanderchaney, very clever writing, good advice and, what’s more, he was the first to comment on my blog, so he’s obviously a discerning, all-round marvellous kind of bloke (that’s enough enthusing, ed).


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