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Back to reality

january tea

So that’s it. Eleven days of national blow out, all come to an end. The party’s over, the socks made from recycled toothbrushes, a present from your auntie, have been shoved under the sofa, waiting to creep out in August. The bizarre half drunk bottle of orange brandy that your father in law brought round because he thought it might come in useful, has been stashed in the farthest recesses of your larder, waiting until you need to clean the drains. One or two pine needles litter the carpet, all that’s left of the tree, and there is a tiny piece of stuffing with fluff growing round it at the back of the fridge.

Alarm clocks are going off at unmentionable hours, bills are arriving, and the voices of the solar panel telephone salespeople are once more heard in the land. Truly they are cold calling.

All is gloom and ordinary.

Can you tell that I’ve given up drink for January?


Picture via creative commons, courtesy of http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/081/9/f/pony_meme___get_me_a_cup_of_tea__by_twistermon-d7b84vr.png

Be afraid, be very afraid…


So you’ve spent weeks planning what to buy people, you’ve braved the crowds and trawled the internet until your eyes bleed and your credit card crumbles. And then you wake up on Christmas morning and discover that your nearest and dearest have had mass hypnosis, or frontal lobotomies (or one too many sherries), and have decided that you really needed a dressing gown that you can wear while appearing on Only Fools and Horses:


(from play.com)

Or, possibly a pair of socks (pretend you’re a Brit on holiday!) :



Gloves that look like underpants? Yes, handerpants are just for you! (Slip them on and pretend you’re having that perfect apres ski moment with the Beckhams):


They might even have got you a farting teddy bear (he just can’t help himselfyou are in for a surprise!)



And look at this nice wallet. Mmm. Tasty. (You’ll bring home the bacon in this, fnar, fnar)



But, (and be afraid here, be very afraid) all this is as nothing when I tell you that my husband, who is a practical kind of guy, was once stuck for what to give his brother as a Christmas present.

‘I know exactly the thing,’ his dad said. ‘He needs a manhole cover.’

(He got screwdrivers)





raindeer hat courtesy of http://www.baronbob.com/humping-reindeer-har.htm


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