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On the money

Piggy Bank Front Shot

Sybil and Edie went out together every week. Edie loved those trips. Every Sunday they would get in Sybil’s car and go somewhere different for lunch. Sometimes, on a Monday, if there was a special deal for pensioners, they went to the cinema. Sometimes, on a Wednesday, because Edie and Sybil loved watching TV programmes about antiques, they went to an auction. And sometimes, Marge or Phil would go too. It was fun.

Edie’s daughter Tessa came to visit. ‘Sybil has this great idea,’ Edie said. ‘She’s put a little box between the front seats in her car. She’s cut a slot in the top, so whoever gets a lift can put money in the box to help pay for her petrol.’

‘Why’s that great?’ said Tessa. ‘Why can’t she just ask for a contribution?’

‘Well, said Edie. ‘That would be embarrassing. And this way, we can put a pound in whenever we like.’

‘A pound?’ said Tessa.

Edie looked at her daughter. ‘To help with the costs.’

‘Yes,’ said Tessa. ‘But think of the cost of petrol. You’d need to put more in than just one pound.’

‘I know that,’ said Edie. ‘Sometimes I put in two.’


Picture via Creative Commons, courtesy of https://www.flickr.com/photos/teegardin/5737272581/


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